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April 28, 2007



Hi Jocelyn,
Visiting your blog from the boondocks. I tried posting a comment here before but for some reason, it didn't work. I'm glad it now works :-) Didn't realize that you have serious weather problems there like hurricanes. Here, it's all about the flood and the typhoons which I'm kind of worried about when June/July arrives. So I like these summer months in Manila but not too much because it's just too hot.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for also mentioning it here :-)

Jocelyn noe

Oh yes, we live with hurricanes during hurricane season which starts June to Novemeber. Three years ago, we had three hurricanes, back to back. Causes biliions of damages, then two years ago, one hurricane just brush by us but it damaged other places - heard of Katrina deluging New Orleans? So hurricanes like typpoons in Mnaila is everybody's worry here. We all learned to live by it though. Some people relocated to other places, to get away from it, but for me, there's always hurricanes no matter where you go. Only, they come in different forms. Always enjoy reading your blog! Shalom

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